About Me & My Work




My name is Feza Velicangil, and I was born in 1970 in Isparta/Turkey. 

Creativity and art have always been a determinant in my life; I had retracted my university education to do something with visual invention and started over with textile design education. In the later stages of my life again, the so-called 'steady job' has never been an option for me.

First, I chose the life of an artist. During this time, my path and many other artists' paths crossed, and I was amazed by their production.

These encounters opened a new window in my life and have led me to spend the following eight years as a gallerist. I have founded two galleries, one in İstanbul and the other in Vienna.

I have been on the 'business side' of art when I was a gallery manager. Bringing artworks together with people gave me the greatest joy.

That's what I am doing here now for my production. It makes me happy when people like my artwork and products made with them so much that they want to acquire it. I think this is the ultimate way of communication for an artist.

I can venture to call my visual productions designs perhaps more so than art. And on this page, I am humbly offering ways of making use of them.

Symbols are minimal forms of communication. Despite their simplicity, they can give us directions and point out connections. In addition to their everyday use, people, cities, states, and organizations also identify and define themselves with symbols. That makes the symbols indispensable to our life.

For me, the alphabet lies at the top of all symbols. With the alphabet, words are created that reflect our language and our thinking.

My fascination with watercolors, on the other hand, initially motivated me to create this series. Watercolors, with the richness of the colors, the unpredictable way of paint distributes itself on a beautiful uneven paper, makes a charming, attractive image. This unpredictability of the texture effectuates a surprise factor.

I have four types of drawings and their printed adaptations on paper and clothes; The texts, the city views, the signs, and the numbers.

I can arrange textual drawings into three groups. I paint some of these words because of their meanings, some because of their sounds, and some sentences to them I can relate in a certain way.

City views are my way of making symbols from minimized street views.

Besides the well-known signs of 'love,' 'peace,' 'luck,' I also like painting horoscope signs. I have a great interest in Astrology. Mostly considered superstitious in modern societies, I find its use in ancient civilizations fascinating alongside astronomy. And not to forget mentioning a large number of people love to describe themselves through their astrological signs in our modern societies.

Numbers are the base elements to systemize anything and everything. Besides their mathematical, scientific importance, they can also be significant symbols. The repetition in some of my drawings is an allusion to the symbolism of numbers.

Even if I am back to 'producing art myself' mode again, I would love to share the art world's happenings. Please don't forget to check out the Blog here.

I would be happy if you drop a line and tell me what you think.


A special thank you to Babsi Daum for this beautiful photo.

With love